Social Media'ing With the Best of 'Em

That's right! Tacoma's Social Media Club has a list of board members from a prominent web development and design firm, a huge outdoor retailer, a prolific local hospital system, a talented PR agency, and local government! We enjoyed meeting with one another so much we decided to change the format of our open meet-up's to just that -- a meet-up. Tonight's topic: scary social media stories!

The conversation started around PBS's handling of the Bird Bird Presidential debate mention and wove around to Tacoma's Biebergate, the mistaken Kitchenaid debate-related tweet, real world billboard testimonials from fake/vacant Twitter accounts, how companies need to engender trust [earned] by their social media pro's, and how the "social media news cycle" can swing wide in the direction of being extremely informative and extremely damaging.

Looking forward to next month's meet-up and, if you are interested, do the Facebook thing to find out when we'll get together next.

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posted Oct 16, 2012 under meet-up, social media, tacoma  

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