Photos ~ United Methodist demolition (not quite)

Just got back from taking some photos around United Methodist. As I mentioned yesterday, tear down begins today. Although initially scheduled for 10am it sounds like, from a worker on-site, the north side annex (newer section of the building) will be first to meet with the destruction equipment around noon today.

Hopefully more photos later. For now, here is some of the prep.

Update - No action (1:50pm)
May not be anything happening on the demolition front today. Someone on-site mentioned earlier this morning that the electrical and gas were still hooked up. That plus most of the demolition crew were parked under the annex.

I have a day job (though I'm off from it today) so won't be lurking for a shot of the first "crunch" but will certainly stop by over the next couple weeks to provide visual updates for all to see.

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