Sightseeing My Parents Around Seattle

And, boy, do I mean around! As Connie mentioned at one point, we pretty much took them around for a sample of every Seattle neighborhood missing only a few. We started with an always awesome breakfast at Geraldine's in Columbia City. We then drove through Seward Park before stopping at the I-90 Bridge overlook. From there it was up through Madison Valley for a stop at Volunteer Park to take in the best view in Seattle from the historic water tower there. Next we rolled down the hill to Gasworks Park then out to Magnolia for lunch on the water at Maggie Bluffs. Ballard Locks were up next for some boat, fish, and people watching then we headed all the way back across town to our home base of Columbia City where we all enjoyed a pint at the new Spinnaker Bay Brewing.

Yeah, we pretty much rocked that tour of Seattle for my parents. And we'll all sleep well tonight because of it. :)

Belleve's skyline

Beautiful (nearly day-long) Sun halo over Seattle

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posted Jun 15, 2013 under ballard locks, gasworks park, seattle, volunteer park  

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