Downtown Seattle with My Parents

After a bit of cleaning this morning my parents pulled up in the driveway to start their Seattle weekend with Connie and I! First, we headed down to Schooner Exact to get a beer and have some great lunch together. I was able to navigate us (go new-ish Seattle guy!) from there downtown to meet and pick up Connie at the office. We decided on a big downtown Seattle walking loop that went through the Olympic Sculpture Park, down the waterfront along the piers, up to World Spice, then through the Pike Place Market. Once our feet were tired enough and our arms weighed down by enough food and spices I grilled everyone up a dinner of steak, asparagus and yellow peppers, and bread covered in some amazing garlic and chive butter Connie whipped up. Was that enough? Never! Around sunset we cooled down our bellies and our day with ice cream from the nearby Full Tilt.

So great to have my folks here and can't wait to explore Seattle more with them tomorrow!

The sign said "No Touching!"

Wooden boats only?

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posted Jun 14, 2013 under family, full tilt ice cream, olympic sculpture park, seattle, touring  

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