Skimboarding with Tokeland Neighbors, Beach with Nephews and Family

I taught one neighbor boy here in Tokeland how to skimboard last time I was out. This morning it was his brothers turn. With their mom and another neighbor watching from the seawall the three of us glided along the sandy, calm waters of Willapa Bay in the stunning summer sunshine. After we were all tired (and they had to come in to do chores) we headed back to shore.

I took a shower just in time for my brother, sis-in-law and nephews to arrive. Though I kid-proofed the cabin the best I could the boys found plenty to get into they shouldn't. We headed to Grayland for a tasty lunch at Bennett's before meeting up with my parents back in Tokeland. We took advantage of the sun and drive a few minutes up the road to the beach at North Cove where everyone enjoyed themselves! The boys tromped around in the water while us adults enjoyed a friendly rock skipping competition.

It was great to have everyone around and, I must say, this area showed itself off quite well this early September day.

My dad is Google for skipping rocks

Hero shot

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