Stowe Family in Tokeland, Moon Over Willapa Bay

The Stowe family came to visit for the day today and, worried as I was about the chilly, gray weather of the morning, it mattered not because the skies cleared and made for a stunning, warm day on the coast for all of us. We wandered down to Nelson Crab so they could try out the clam chowder I always rave about then we headed back to the cabin where we sat in the sun and had a little fire perfect for some afternoon s'mores. The beach beckoned so we drove up to North Cove and had fun among the waves for a while. I even started teaching Barrett how to skimboard a bit and hit the active surf myself. I normally skimboard on the calm waters of Dash Point back near Tacoma or here in Willapa Bay so was a little disoriented doing it among the advancing and receding waves.

Tonight I headed over the sea wall across the street and was treated to a beautiful half Moon glistening off the waters of Willapa Bay. So I promptly turned around, grabbed my camera gear, and snapped pics of the serene evening scene for all to enjoy. So, enjoy!

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posted Sep 5, 2011 under beach, coast, friends, moon, sabbatical, stars, stowe, tokeland, willapa bay  

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