Starting My Tokeland Sabbatical

After packing what needed to be packed I headed out this morning for Tokeland to start my sabbatical. The drive went quick while the weather went south. Upon arrival of my full car with kitty Colby in tow we were greeted with howling winds and some pounding rain. This wasn't necessarily the sensory experience I'd hoped for Colby on his first big trip away from home but the little guy calmed down quickly and made himself right at home as did I.

The dragon tongue bush beans I harvested from my garden before I left

All packed [to the gills] up

This little barn on the way to Tokeland always has something different to say

Colby checking the place out

My little tech corner

Some seriously August weather coming in

Note the wind-blown streaks across the top of the water

Didn't take long for Colby to get comfy

The beach house

Rain on the window

posted Aug 22, 2011 under beach, coast, house, sabbatical, tokeland  

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