Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 2

Yesterday's storm gave way to a clouded in but calm and warm morning today. I went for a walk then spent the rest of the morning inside working. But the clouds cleared early and gave way to a stunning day. I enjoyed a little skimboarding in some not-so-ideal tidal (and seaweed) conditions and started to setup a webcam to be posted for all to see/enjoy soon! Finally, I got to wind my evening down by the fire where I saw 9 satellites, 4 shooting stars, 2 bats, and 1 space stations pass overhead.

A nook he found that I added a little padding to

Little stickers I stepped on heading out to skimboard (guess I'll walk across the street with shoes on from now on)

Panorama from the seawall near Nelson Crab (just down the street from my cabin)

My cozy fire to wind down the day

posted Aug 23, 2011 under beach, coast, house, sabbatical, tokeland  

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