What Tacoma Shouldn't Do: Stupid Signage Edition

So I saw a stupid sign in Kent the other day. And it was one of those "it's the law" ones 'cause it was white with black letters. What did it say? "NO RACING ZONE BETWEEN 10PM AND 5AM - RACING ATTENDANCE PROHIBITED". Seriously, here it is:

No Racing Zone sign in Kent

First of all street racing is already illegal in the state of Washington no matter what time of day it is. And, if I remember my driver's training well enough, any kind of competitive racing on public roads now matter what the speed is illegal.

Maybe I just don't know Kent city ordinances well enough but they may have something in the books that states you can indeed street race during the day there. If so, they really should market their town accordingly and bring in some revenue from racing events and related industry (e.g. drugs, chop shops, gang activity, etc.). Rather than "Kent: We got Boeing" it could be "Kent: Yea, we got Boeing but you can fly on our streets as well."

I hope Tacoma never caves to such crappy signage desires from furious locals. I understand street racing kills and parents out there just want to see "something" done. Well a poorly worded and otherwise pointless sign won't do it. If anything, hear citizen feedback and improve upon it by understanding existing law. My bet is that a sign saying "Street Racing and Attendance is Illegal" would do the trick nicely -- that or spending money on our kids themselves rather than signs.

Of course, why listen to me when I think a huge sign that reads "No Skateboarding" on the best skate park in town makes no sense. ;)

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posted May 14, 2007 under kent, signage, street racing, tacoma  

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