Terry's Office Tavern does the trick

Terry's Office Tavern TacomaYesterday was a pretty warm one especially out in the Sun. Friends Angela and Steve joined Sarah and I last night after riding their bike to our house. After a brief tour of some of the new stuff in our back yard we headed out for a stroll toward Terry's Office Tavern [ map ]. The place is a nearly straight shot down 34th from our place but we wound through a couple of the nearby neighborhoods since our friends are selling their place and are on the house hunt.

Slightly too warm from the walk and weather we passed the little out-building erected for smokers and headed in to the local hang out. Terry's is a little dark inside for my taste but was very clean and comfortable inside with plenty of spots at the bar and a bunch of tables setup along the side wall. Right at the front is a pool table, all the way to the back left is the small but busy kitchen, and throughout there are TVs tuned into sports of one kind or another. Only a faint smell of smoke lingers from days gone by.

The waitress was quick to take our drink orders and had them all out to us quickly. The pours were good, especially Angela's Guinness, and cool enough to make up for the weak (if any) air conditioning in the place. First we tried out a couple appetizers. Sarah and I got some mozzarella sticks that came out pretty well but the cheese didn't stay as stringy as I would like over time. Angela and Steve opted for some squeakers that are basically bite-sized mozzarella sticks. There seemed to be more of the little guys so I'd opt for those next time for sure.

Food all came out hot and was overall pretty tasty stuff. Angela had a burger dip that she thought was good enough to forget she was eating it but not incredible. Believe me, that's a compliment coming from her, how should I say, distinguishing taste. ;) Steve went for the club sandwich and it came looking great and tasting that way too. He said that it's nearly tied for second in his list of favorite area clubs. I had a grilled cheese with bacon and, again, though the cheese wasn't as melty as I would like it tasted just fine. The fries I had with were also good. Skin on, crispy and not too thin. Sarah had herself a 1/4 pound cheeseburger and had no complaints.

So, for Sarah and I, our three beers (she had two, thank you very much), an appetizer, and two meals came out to $28 before tip. We all happily walked back to our place after a satisfying stop at a great neighborhood spot.

The Squeakers

Steve with his and Angela's food (those onion rings were also pretty good)

Steve's club sandwich and onion rings

My grilled cheese with bacon and fries

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