Deck the gutters

After a great Thanksgiving with family Sarah and I spent today prepping the house for the holiday season. My big goal for the day was lights. We gathered up some supplies last night and I had a beautiful, calm, crisp, sunny day to make our house shine. Thanks to a newly purchased ladder and some handy dandy clips I bought the lights were a cinch to attach in a pretty consistent manner to the edge of our gutters. With more lights left over I decided to continue down the side of the house, around the entry way, and along the front side of our planter. Then I ran out. Lucky for me I have a wife not opposed to running an errand or two for the greater cause of crossing items off our weekend "to do" list. She bought up the last of the clear red strands at our local Rite Aid and I could then finish my masterpiece. The finishing touches of some little white lights to line the walkway and some lit candy canes were all that was left.

Once twilight came we flipped the switch and were pleased with the results. I snapped a few photos for all to see then we went on with other chores. Before heading inside I saw the large, C-9 bulb lights go out. Thoughts of Chevy Chase's holiday perils from Christmas Vacation flashed through my head as I wondered if my particular light display just wasn't meant for the eyes of mere mortals. Then I hopped back down to reality and realized I had strung five strands together in a definite holiday no-no. With only a popped fuse in one strand I will set out tomorrow to divide up the circuit and finish what I'd started.

But first, some seriously content kitties

And some pretty flowers

Here's the house all lit up for the holidays -- can you guess the theme?

I love this shot with the lights glowing and the blue of the twilight sky

Here's our entry way bathed in red and white Christmas lights

More candy canes to come -- otherwise, I think our first shot at this is a success!

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