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December 12, 2018

Dec. 12, 2018

Stunner of an October Sunrise

Oct. 19, 2014
I'm always keen to photograph and share sunrises like this. Especially as the cloudy and darker months descend upon us here in the Pacific Northwest....

Spokane Sunrise, Garland Neighborhood, Rocky Bluff Study

Oct. 20, 2012
From sunrise to after dark I enjoyed a lot of Spokane with Connie and her relatives today. We started early with a stop at a nearby grange hall having...

Morning Colors and the Moon

Jan. 11, 2012
I love Tacoma and the amazing area that we're part of. Enjoy!...

Mt. Rainier and Old City Hall at Sunrise

Dec. 13, 2011
All I can say is wow....

Crisp Morning Walk to Work

Oct. 17, 2011
As I said yesterday on Twitter, Fall colors are going to make walking to work every morning take just a bit longer....

Photos ~ Crisp December Morning Mt. Rainier, Tacoma Buidings

Dec. 30, 2010
Happy [almost] New Year! It's cold but beautiful out there....

Photos ~ Frigid Mt. Rainier Sunrise

Dec. 15, 2008
Despite the bitter cold the sky is clear and brilliant with gusty winds blowing any guck from the area. I could clearly see the North Cascades and a curtain...

Just another sunrise

Feb. 3, 2005
You may think this sounds like an off-the-wall statement but lately I don't feel like I've been taking nearly enough pictures. Don't believe me? When I first started taking...

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