Belated BBQ birthday bash

Last Friday was my buddy Gavin's birthday. Although turning the unexciting age of 22, his girlfriend Holly wanted to make him feel special. She invited a few people over to her house for an afternoon to celebrate Gavin's big day a couple days late. Matt Turner, Gavin, Sarah and I headed to Holly's house at around 1pm. We spent our time in their back yard playing HORSE on a small basketball court surrounded on all sides by walls of flora, sipping lemonade tainted with other tasty flavors, and tapping ridged balls around a grassy croquet court. We didn't see much of Holly until after the food was served because she helped her mom without a break up to that point. And let me tell you, the food was great! I was a trigger-happy fellow the entire afternoon. My new camera and I got to know each other well by snapping two 8-meg storage cards worth of pictures and video. Gavin was happy that we all came for his party and, believe me, we were happy to use that as an excuse to eat good food and relax amidst beautiful weather all afternoon (just kidding buddy!).

This weekend treated me really well. I spent some time walking with Sarah tonight around sunset. We played around with my camera and enjoyed one another's company. It's really easy for me to enjoy myself around Sarah. I just hope she doesn't get too jealous of my new camera. Jealous or annoyed. I don't know which. Depends which end of the lens she's on.


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