Painting the Tokeland House

Wow. So that took a bit of work -- nearly all week of our week off, actually. We started in last Tuesday with a little bit of prep then starting the primer. Keep in mind prep went on nearly every night I was there last in the form of scraping off as much loose paint as possible. We primered the entire place which just took a while then, once we put the color on, took just as long if not longer since we were a bit more careful not to mention Friday was sweltering hot. We finally wrapped things up on a much, much cooler Saturday.

There's still a bit more painting to be done of the trim, back of the house, and possibly a second pass at a couple areas. Overall, however, it's done, looking great and ready for the winter. There's always plenty more to do but this chapter is mostly closed for now.

This was the mock-up I made in Photoshop -- not bad, huh?

posted Sep 9, 2012 under home improvement, paint, tokeland  

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