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Alley in Bag, Pasta Dinner & Full Tilt Ice Cream

Oct. 26, 2012

DIY Cat Food Box

Oct. 14, 2012
Since triumphantly constructing an outdoor kitty and litter box enclosure I decided to keep this streak going. Today? A cat food box. Colby and Alley have different food needs...

Post-Under House Crawling, Hijinks of Tom the Cat

May. 6, 2012

Morning in Tokeland, Washaway Beach

Mar. 25, 2012

Connie's Cat Alley Acrobatics & Snow

Jan. 15, 2012

Float Plane, Colby & Tom

Sep. 7, 2011

Bath Time for Colby

Aug. 13, 2011
Yeah, I get a certain sadistic joy out of bathing my kitty boy Colby, it's true. Deep down he actually enjoys it, I swear! I can tell because once...

In Tokeland with family, Tom the cat, running water in cabin

May. 7, 2011

Photos ~ Flowers in the yard, Colby, mushrooms flowers inside

Jun. 16, 2010
The blooms and flora in my front yard were looking lovely this morning! I had a little time before heading to work so snapped some pics. Colby was happy...

Photo ~ Lulu Longs for Banana

Sep. 10, 2008
Lulu gazes longingly at my morning banana And yes she got a few bits of it. She's a true fruit bat and you won't see her get excited more than...

For My Head Not Her Butt

Apr. 18, 2008
Can I have that back now? Daddy has to go to work. Awwww... I still love 'ya, Lu!...

Photos ~ Flowers, cats, sunset and all that

Jun. 24, 2005
After my conference ended today Dad picked me up in downtown Portland. After having lunch and a nice walk around the city it was nice to see a familiar...

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