Photos ~ Beautiful Summer fluke in Spring

Wow. I don't need to tell you how stunning it was out there in the Puget Sound area yesterday -- but I will anyway. Sarah and I headed out from work for some lunch downtown and nearly broke a sweat walking back from the link. After staring jealously out the windows in the afternoon we enjoyed dinner at St. Helens Cafe since we correctly assumed they have those great garage doors open to the outside world. From there I could help but snag a couple early evening shots of downtown and Old City Hall from the St. Helens area.

Yea, so today is quite a bit muddier out there and it smells great but it certainly doesn't make for the same kind of photo ops as yesterday. Did you get out and enjoy the weather at all yesterday?

The Young Immortals at the Starbucks near UWT

Sarah sitting at our table near the open garage doors at St. Helens Cafe

The Temple wasa looking rather dashing this evening

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posted Apr 7, 2007 under mt rainier, old city hall, st helens cafe, tacoma  

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