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D20 Brass Band EMP Star Wars Night -

D20 Brass Band EMP Star Wars Night

Us fine, funky D20 Brass Band folks were invited to play tonight's opening of an amazing Star Wars costume exhibit at EMP. Though at first only licensed, sanctioned costumes were allowed we were given the green light a couple days before the event to Jedi or Sith ourselves up. Aside from that, we played a couple fun sets for all the event goers including my arrangements of the Star Wars theme and Imperial March made just for (and just in time for) this evening.

Low-lying fog over the Seattle skyline

The mask to make my last minute, hoodie wearing Seattle hipster Vader complete

First gig for my newly greened trumpet

Steve Robinson's [rather good] Slave Leia costume

I'd hate to have that guy's boss

This is not the Anne you're looking for

Nah, everyone plays that Star Wars song

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posted Jan 30, 2015 under costume, d20 brass band, emp, star wars  

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