Dim Sum Lunch & Bad Santa Screening w/Director Terry Zwigoff

Dim sum lunch with my co-workers was fun as we celebrated one of their first home purchases. We walked about a mile from our office to the place and were immediately bombarded with women pushing food from their carts. One thing we agreed to was chicken feet. I ate one. Good, but probably won't do it again -- they were mostly just awkward to eat.

Then tonight Connie and I headed to Central Cinema which, I've declared, is my new favorite place. Good beer, great food, fun movies, and great people make this a place everyone should check out! Tonight it was a showing of Bad Santa and Q&A with director Terry Zwigoff. The audience had a blast watching the foul-mouthed cast be pretty much wrong throughout (though the movie has a surprising root in reality and a special kind of heart) but hearing from the director after was a special treat.

Now that's a beer with legs! (Port Townsend Stout)

Carrying our pitcher while waiting in line

Think B-I-N-G-O but holiday-themed

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posted Nov 29, 2012 under beer, dim sum, dinner, food, movie  

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