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Coffee Beer & Donuts (and more)!

May. 22, 2016
Though every week is beer week for us, Seattle Beer Week ended with a sugary bomb today with coffee beer and donut pairings at Reuben's Brews in Ballard. The...

Georgetown Carnival 2013

Jun. 8, 2013
Just back last night from a week of business travel Connie was pretty darned exhausted. So, instead of biking to Georgetown Carnival this year, we took the opportunity to...

Dim Sum Lunch & Bad Santa Screening w/Director Terry Zwigoff

Nov. 29, 2012
Dim sum lunch with my co-workers was fun as we celebrated one of their first home purchases. We walked about a mile from our office to the place and...

Big Box Shopping & Post-Shopping Rewards

Nov. 17, 2012
Some days you just have to go to Costco. Today was one of those days that also, unfortunately, fell on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Admittedly the store was prepared...

Growler Sweaters

Sep. 10, 2012
It's a brilliant idea a woman had on display tonight at The Red Hot. Seriously, she better start selling these because I have a feeling stylish growler protectors are...

Tokeland to Westport By Bike

Jul. 6, 2012
Our goal: visit the new Westport Brewing. Our challenge: ride from Tokeland to Westport and back. Which we did. From Tokeland we headed out along Hwy 105 but spent...

Tall Drink of Porter

May. 4, 2012
Wingman Brewers P-51 Porter. Brilliantly dark and malty with a stunning color. Well done gentlemen!...

Wingman Brewers Dome District Grand Opening

Apr. 21, 2012
On a crystal clear, warm Northwest day like this what's a couple to do other than go for a long walk and drink beer? That's what Connie and I...

Beer, Walk, Lights & Wine

Dec. 3, 2011
Put all those things into a single event and I'd totally be there. Perhaps that's what convinced Connie to make the drive down from Seattle today. Tacoma showed itself...

Photos ~ Red Hot Birthday

Aug. 18, 2008
Saturday day night The Red Hot let it all hang out for it's first birthday. The business was in front and a party was added in the back but...

Opening night at The Red Hot (update 2)

Aug. 16, 2007
Chris Miller's baby The Red Hot opened yesterday on 6th Ave. Thanks to a little bit of forum-based organization we helped bring a good-sized group of people to the...

Wine, beer, gelato, and sorbetto all at Firehouse

Jul. 9, 2007
So they really are cranking things up a notching at Firehouse over on 6th and Union. As I mentioned earlier, they're still yet to wisely add beer and wine...

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