Georgetown Carnival 2013

Just back last night from a week of business travel Connie was pretty darned exhausted. So, instead of biking to Georgetown Carnival this year, we took the opportunity to ride the Vespa there to also stick a "for sale" sign on it for passers by. We got our beer in paper bags and wandered the event a bit listening to some great music by Dead Man then ponying up to the power tool races for a bit. The silly and creative contraptions people come up with to race down a straight track are pretty fantastic to watch but watching is often the hard part. Though there are stands on either side of the track you basically can't see anything of the race itself no matter where you sit or stand. All the smart, handy, engineer-types who run this thing should get awesome and, next year, suspend a V-shaped mirror directly above the track that runs the length of it. That way, no matter where you sit, you can see the race reflected in it periscope-style.

Anyway, we met up with Tanya and Timmermans for the rest of the day and enjoyed more beer, music from the talented (and flaming trumpet!) of The Dusty 45s, a creepy transvestite "singing" Tina Turner tunes, and some seriously awesome sandwiches at Smarty Pants. Thanks for an awesome day Georgetown Merchants Association -- looking forward to hanging out more soon!

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posted Jun 8, 2013 under art, beer, festival, georgetown, music, seattle  

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