Hanging with the 'rents

My dad called up last night and wanted to know if he and mom could shoot up here for the day. We turned them down politely -- not really! They came up here about 10am today and we hurried off to our maiden trip to the local Krispy Kreme to indulge in the sugary goods they create assembly line style. We had a variety of flavors most that I wouldn't usually assume donuts would/could/should taste like. I was pleasently surprise, however, that the flavors were original enough that I could see the draw. Fortunately I didn't grow up on tons of sweets and don't always feel the burning desire to stock/hop myself up on it.

We spent the rest of the day bumming around Tacoma mostly taking in the local antique shops in Freight House Square and near the theatre district. In between we took the handy Link light rail and had a look around the Museum of Glass, a glass gallery in a building next door, and ate lunch at the Harmon Brewery. Wading through the smell of old things and far too much visual stimuli in the antique shops gave way to a treasure trove of a place that had mostly '50s and '60s decorations and home furnishings up for auction. Crazy couches, bubble lamps, and egg chairs with speakers built in were just some of the crazed items in the house. Walking back to the light rail we saw a little shop that bears the name of our kitty/princess Lulu. Once we got back to my car we had to make a quick stop (our first) at the Almond Roca factory outlet. From there you can buy bins of "Boo Boos" from $1. I got a tub of Moca Roca Boo Boos. Too... much... food.

Speaking of too much food, after my parents headed back south Sarah and I did a few chores around the house then decided to rent a movie and order a Round Table pizza -- there goes my heart! We ended up eating the pizza but neglecting the movie since my body decided it needed to go into hibernation mode to divert all resources toward digestion.

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