Honk! Fest West - Day 4

Today is the kind of day I would qualify as personally epic: 3 gigs, 24 miles biked, and was treated to BBQ chicken complete with Connie's homemade sauce and potato salad. It was like three days in one!

On the gig side, D20 wrapped up Honk! Fest West along the Seattle waterfront (special thanks to Joanne for making use of my camera while we played). From there it was back to Fremont where our band led the fair's dog parade. Sounds silly but the dogs were mighty cute and we enjoyed plowing the sea of people for them with our nerd funk. I biked across town and up the West Seattle hill to join Connie for a lovingly crafted dinner before a farewell Honk gig tonight.

Watch out for that Duck D20!

My pre-dog parade lunch dog stop

Was OK but it doesn't beat Tacoma's The Red Hot

I just didn't know where to look OR clearly Mitch's future is really bright

Alex showing his fine D20 costume

Alex and Eli

Is that water Graham?

Shadey Kailey

My new 8-bit shades

Eli shading Kailey (as he did for the entire parade!)

Leading the dog parade

Anne, Brian, and Jordan dancing in the streets

My favorite view on the ride home to West Seattle

Steven warming it up

Worn but made it to the last gig

Yes Ma'am Brass Band

Ten Man Brass Band

Environmental Encroachment

Dead Music Capital Band

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