Photos ~ Flight to Sacramento and Dinner

After a nearly full day at work today I headed up to SeaTac via the 574 bus (love that thing!) to catch my flight south. Sacramento is a short flight which I realized by virtue of how little music I got to listen to and how little I got to read through my borrowed copy of Watchmen. I did have a chance to snag some photos of the beautiful peaks from here to Portland (below). Once on the ground Libby met me at the airport and we took the rental car into town. After a quick off-load of my gear we took a walk through her neighborhood to dinner at Tuli Bistro.

The place is super chill with fantastic food and atmosphere in a neighborhood setting. We tried a little of everything starting with a fresh and clean beat salad as well as a hearty red pepper and potato soup. From there I had my heart set on the tempura fried ahi tuna with jalapeno mayo (awesomely titled "The Sleeping Ninja") but, lo, no ahi this fine evening. Instead I opted for a scallop and clam chitarra while Libby went for the duroc pork sauteed over some tender Tuscan cannellini beans. Her's won for flavor but I totally enjoyed how balanced mine was being a large plate but pretty light overall. Never had scallops before but really enjoyed them.

From there dessert was an unbelievable banana cream tart complete with an amazing crust that was, in part, macadamia nuts and short bread and topped with whip cream, more banana, and drizzeled caramel. Great flavors and light enough for us both to easily enjoy together without getting too full. After the walk back we wound down both in a happy food coma.

East Crater, Skamania County, WA [ map ]

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