Plenty of white stuff -- How much did you get? (update 3)

Measuring 6 inches of snow in North TacomaAfter a quick dinner with friends at the Spar last night it started to dump snow around 7pm. On our short drive home up the hill the white stuff immediately stuck and changed the landscape and conditions around us. Seemed like it snowed the rest of the night I was awake and this morning we were left with a serious blanket -- 6" worth here in the North End of Tacoma. This could make for an interesting time getting to the airport tonight. The sky this morning though is really stunning with all the eerie reflected light from the snow. I snapped a couple pics below.

So, do tell -- how much snow did you get over night? Got any photos? Send them my way.

Update @ 7:16am
Link to pics from sparkrobot, Joel (both stunning sets of shots!), and to my neighborhood webcam.

Update (2007-01-12 @ 12:11pm)
Link to "tacoma snow" pics on Flickr, a pic of downtown by Jamie and I've added some pics of KFnet friend (and fellow local blogger) Jenny. Thanks Jenny!

Update (2007-01-13 @ 9:23am)
Yet more snow pics from RR Anderson

Photo by Jenny

And now more pics from me...

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