Tokeland Sabbatical: Day 6

Today was a lazy day I spend with a friend, Renee, who drove out to visit. We took a long walk down to the short Tokes Point pier where some crab potting was going on along with what seemed to be a convention of dozens of pelicans. As we spent some time perfecting our rock skipping skillz groups of 6 or more would join the larger group seemingly constantly. After that we got a little clam chowder then headed toward North Cove to do a little skimboarding. Since it wasn't an ideal spot we didn't stay long but instead headed into Grayland for a beer and some sweet potato tots at The Local there before heading back to Tokeland for some quality skimboarding then a nice dinner and movie in on a cloudy night.

Yeah, get a traffic helicopter in the skies to sort this out!

Renee skipping rocks like a boss

Took this pic to show Renee that inner, darker blue ring in her eye but I kinda' like it

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posted Aug 27, 2011 under beach, birds, house coast, pier, sabbatical, tokeland, wildlife  

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