Westport with Family, Beachcombing in Grayland

Since Toni and David were here from Scotland in Ocean Park with my folks we invited them up to see my place in Tokeland then tour around Westport a bit. We took them on the usual route that includes sandwiches at the Mermaid we then eat over at Westport Brewing, followed by a stop to get the best saltwater taffy around at Granny Hazel's. The sandwiches and beer were, as always, amazing, but this time we added a new stop at the Cranberry Road Winery & Bog Water Brewing Co. They're not brewing beer yet but we tried their cranberry and cranberry cinnamon wines. Both are fermented from cranberries grown just down the road in Grayland and both a lovely, light and sweet. We went away with a bottle of the cranberry cinnamon because it'll be great heated up as a mulled wine during the cold months!

After we split off from my folks Connie and I headed to the beaches south of Grayland to do a little beach combing. Recent storms have been washing up plenty of debris from the tragic Japanese tsunami so we were on the lookout. Our proximity to North Cove's Washaway Beach had us finding bits from houses gobbled up by the sea but one item, a can of Chinese cigarettes, may just have been from foreign shores. The rusted can bears the "Double Happiness" brand and, with as few hits as it has on Google, could have easily drifted over. Especially since, though the top was rusted through, the can hadn't previously been opened. All that was left inside was the definite smell of the tobacco that had dissolved away while some of the inorganic filters were left.

End of the road

Double Happiness canned cigarettes

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