Tokeland to Westport By Bike

Our goal: visit the new Westport Brewing. Our challenge: ride from Tokeland to Westport and back. Which we did. From Tokeland we headed out along Hwy 105 but spent most of the distance riding on the wide open cranberry bog roads. The wind was at our face the entire ride there but we managed the nearly 20 miles in just about an hour-and-a-half.

We went to the marina area of Westport first to take a gander at the ocean from the lookout tower then to snag some sweets at Granny Hazel's. Our next stop, on the recommendation of the Westy brewmaster, was the Mermaid for some sammiches. We then rode over to the brewery where we drank a couple of their fine beers, had a good chat, met their cat, and at those sandwiches. Which, by the way, are the best I've ever had. And that's even compared to Tacoma's MSM!

Our journey south was far quicker with the wind at our backs. We stopped at the fruit stand and many of the cute shops along the way before making it back to Tokeland. Pretty damn spiffy for my first ever 40 mile ride.

That's some stringy fresh taffy!

Mermaid Deli in Westport

Welcome to Westport Brewing!

Some of the beautiful gardens

Walking us through the beer menu

Current menu

Fermentation tanks

A picnic in the garden

Resident brewery kitty Big Baby

Enjoying my amazing sandwich from the Mermaid Deli

Hand-blown glass tap handles


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