Winter Storm from Tokeland - Day 3

Though I knew it was supposed to rain yesterday and last night I didn't know there was another whopper of a wind storm pushing on shore. Sure enough though and at about 6pm it hit. Hard enough that the power blinked out then (hence the radio silence on storm updates). Check out the dramatic shift in weather in the graph below. Pretty impressive how the temperature, pressure, and wind speed just leap at about 6pm!

I turned on the propane heater and grabbed the crank radio for entertainment as the wind howled all around us with increasing strength. Colby was pretty calm and cool all night but I was a little nervous listening to every sound for any signs of trouble in a house I don't know very well in foul weather. I settled down the best I could for the night with a tasty sammich for dinner and a Radiolab podcast. I couldn't easily get to sleep with all the noise so I checked the different rooms of the house and found that, duh, the one with only one outside facing wall was the quietest. With this discovery I moved in there and was able to fall fast asleep.

Waking up this morning was to the quiet and power was a joy. Turns out the strongest gust last night was about 60 MPH! I got up to tour the block a bit with one of my neighbors and found little problems. Some shingles blew into my yard from across the street (along with some sea grass!) and the neighbor I was with lost some shingles from the roof of a garage they're in the middle of building. Willapa Bay on the inner bay side (behind my place) is high and completely covering the nearby golf course. Its waters are also creeping across a little bit of the street behind us and into another neighbors yard. Thankfully the tide is on its way out so shouldn't get much worse if at all.

More updates as I can but it sounds like the next round may hit tomorrow with another dose of 60+ MPH wind gusts.

Update (1:45pm)

Just added a few pics below of a serene, post-storm afternoon in Tokeland. The sun and some blue sky just emerged from the clouds and I wandered the beach across the street a bit to find my first floats! Going to do a couple things around here then head out to a pizza place in Westport for a treat.

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Found my first ever float while post-storm beach combing!

Soon followed by my second ever found float!

There's a little less water on the golf course than this morning

The ocean voted Camenzind

Muscles attached to my beach combing bounty

My beach combing haul from today

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