Turkey Day Winter Storm from Tokeland - Day 4

So here I am in Tokeland and another storm decided to batter the area on Thanksgiving day. So far it's about as strong as 2 days ago with winds about 30-40 MPH but the difference is this one's happening during the daylight. Which is awesome! Wind-driven waves of 4-5 feed are breaking against the sea wall and blowing over onto houses (and, as you'll see in the videos below, me). I'm going to head out for a drive next to see what the area around North Cove, where the real ocean waves break, is looking like.

Here's your video update:

And one I did by request in the style of more sensationalized local news extreme weather updates:

Update (2:58pm)

I took a drive down the main street here in Tokeland to see the rain and wash blowing over the roadway and also captured the scene out by the lone North Cove tree and ocean. Winds haven't been as strong as the other night we lost power but there was just a dash of hail in the mix a few minutes ago. Looks like gusts have only reached about 50 MPH so far. Just this minute things calmed down a bit but we'll see if that lasts with the barometric pressure showing pretty low. And some blue sky is actually peeking out. :)

Boy, all this weather watching makes me hungry. Time for some Thanksgiving leftover pizza and an episode or two of Voyager.

Update (4:58pm)

After that sun break I mentioned above the rest of the afternoon took its cue from there. And, for that, I'm thankful.

The golf course is completely covered again

Waves splashing and blowing over the sea wall

Yesterday, at low tide, I walked on some of those logs which were seemingly immovable then

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