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I tagged along with Monkeyshines early this morning as they help kick off Chinese New Year in Tacoma. More than two hundred blown glass balls are now strewn about town in celebration of the Year of the Rat. I rode along with one group out of eight or so that crept around Tacoma with a box or two each of the balls. Below are some pics but the hunt is on 'cause they don't give up any of the locations. Next week after everyone's had a fair chance to scour the city I'll post some photos that are my favs but that definitely spoil the scavenging fun. Now just where would a rat hide such pretty little things...?

Happy hunting! If you find a ball, keep it (that's the point -- they're a gift to you, Tacoma) and email me a photo or two of you with your find and where you found it. It would be great to share with the anonymous creators of such a wonderful project the joy it brings to people in Tacoma. I'll post a gallery of your shots in a week or two.

More "Monkeyshines" via FeedTacoma

An appropriate hat for the Monkeyshines occasion

Shadowy Monkeyshines characters

Moving the Monkeyshines merchandise

Among the thicket

Definitely a place a rat might hang out

Best morning paper insert ever

Pay no attention to the boulders in this wall

Happy Year of the Rat Tacoma!

Last ball we distributed this morning before it was loosed into the wild

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