Beach Time with Family

I joined my parents in Ocean Park on a stunning, warm day on the Washington coast. We took their new pup Mad (he's actually really sweet) Max to the beach for a walk and we kicked off our shoes to enjoy the sand and surf. There, I found a beautiful but sand-covered dragonfly on the ground and scooped it up in my hands. Hoping to free it from the caked on sand I borrowed some water from Max's supply and dribbled it over the poor little insect before placing it on a plant up near the dunes. Who knows if it made it but I had to try.

A little later in the afternoon my brother Joseph, sis-in-law Sonya and my nephews joined us for dinner and some sandy playtime in the front yard before heading for bed early before tomorrow's fishing trip.

How I keep my chops up while on a long drive

Introducing Mad Max Freitas!

Poor guy all coated in sand

Mostly cleaned up

And on a plant to dry off

My awesome parents and their new canine addition

Cool looking diffraction pattern

Play time in the front yard!

Dad got out some toy trucks from our youth for the nephews to play with

My brother and Sonya looking good at golden hour

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