Morning Razor Clam Dig, Ocean Park w/Parents

The beautiful, calm morning in Tokeland made for great razor clam digging. Connie and I headed out at about sunrise to our secret spot where we got off to a slow start but soon caught our limit. Once we were back and cleaned up a bit we drive the windy path to see my parents on the other side of Willapa Bay. We hung out on their deck in the warm sunshine, enjoyed a chat and some wine, then went for a walk on the beach before a beer then dinner in Ocean Park.

This poor ladybug was trapped inside the gas station pay station screen

Connie doing a cartwheel on the beach

My mom after she just landed her cartwheel ;)

Connie trying out a wind-catching technique I taught her

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posted Mar 24, 2012 under beach, ocean park, razor clam, tokeland, walk  

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