Columbia City Townhomes Move Forward

Finally! The townhome development that's sat stagnant for years on Renton Ave in Columbia City is finally poised to move forward. Tomorrow, actually! A couple cars parked out in front of the gate were a signal but Connie asked what was up and someone came over to chat with us. Stephanie let us know that the site is now a Homestead Community Land Trust project. The units are in various states of the construction process but that all the siding needs replaced and they'll be doing landscaping and will likely (hopefully!) finish the sidewalk on that side of the bend in the road going up the hill. She said the units will not be rentals and will be aimed for purchase from folks of moderate to low income.

They were snapping photos for an upcoming website so stay tuned for that and for more updates on their progress.

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posted Aug 22, 2013 under columbia city, construction, neighborhood, seattle  

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