Seattle Photo Stroll ~ Mt. Baker to Columbia City

I take fewer photos since I started bike commuting more. So, to help remedy this, I started getting back into group photography today by joining my buddy Nathan in a stroll up Rainier Ave. We started around Dearborn Street in the pit below Mt. Baker hill and both the I-90 and I-5 freeways. That neighborhood has some great grime and old signs that made for fun shooting. Though chilly cold out we took our time walking up Rainier through the Mt. Baker neighborhood and on into Columbia City.

It feels nice to take advantage of the longer days to get back into the swing of getting to know the area around where I live and sharing it with others through my photos. Here's to more to come! ;)

Rainier Veterinary Hospital

Rainier Veterinary Hospital

Rainier Veterinary Hospital

Stan's Fish and Chips


I want bacon rock in my building!


Oh Boy! Oberto

Stewart Lumber Hardware

Sidewalk littered with shimmering broken glass

Sarcastically saluting these flags

Franklin High School

Looking toward downtown Seattle down Rainier Ave. (at MLK)

Franklin High School

Willie's Taste of Soul BBQ

El Asadero

Silver Fork Restaurant

Hodge's Barber Shop

Columbia Funeral Home

Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library

Art Lodge Cinemas

Bob' Quality Meats

Angie's Cocktails

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