My new favorite park

Tacoma Narrows ParkMaybe it's because I like to take pictures, maybe it's because the Narrows Bridge is on my mind, or maybe it's because I enjoy skipping rocks. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's all of the above. With my cousin visiting this weekend we decided to take him on a drive across the Narrows Bridge then check out Tacoma Narrows Park.

The weather was great with only a slight breeze and some warm Spring sunshine. We wound our way from Highway 16 to the secluded park easily with a little direction from WSDOT's website. There was plenty of parking on this mid-Sunday and, to my surprise, a long stretch of gravelly beach to wander down. At the park itself are a few places to sit, a cute gazebo, and even two spotting scopes to check out the bridges, local wildlife and whatever else you want to point them at. No quarters necessary -- these babies are free! The tide was coming up but there was a wide expanse of beach to wander down. We made our way from the park to right underneath the Narrows Bridges and back. I found this beach to be particularly friendly for rock skipping with a plentiful supply of ammo and shallow beach from which to throw.

Anyone who wants to get away to a new spot without driving far should check out Narrows Park. Since it's a little more off the beaten path it may suit well for a picnic lunch and an afternoon playing on the beach with your special someone or the whole fam. Just do it quick before those nagging bridge tolls go into effect. ;) Oh, and enjoy!

Panorama gone wild!
I loves me some panoramas. Here's one I took from underneath the bridges stretching vertically from back over my head down to the water.

vertical panorama of Tacoma Narrows Bridges from underneath

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