Winfield's and Twisted Cue sneak peek

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago Winfield's and the Twisted Cue club will be opening soon. I stopped by for a tour from their HR manager Dawnn to snap some photos to share with y'all. CAUTION: LINKS AHEAD.

Just inside the doors there's a tall waiting area complete with a grand staircase and old piano. Off to the right are a couple offices and a recessed area with glass display case where Winfield's schwag will be on sale. Further down the hall to the right we come to a standing/staging room between the martini bar and lounge and a staircase leading down into the Twisted Cue pool hall. Staying upstairs this room will make a great place to enjoy drinks and conversation if the music in the lounge is too loud for your taste. In the lounge itself is a good-sized bar, a small stage and plenty of tables. You also get a good look at some of the available views.

In the middle of the main floor is the main dining room that leads out to a large, newly reinforced outdoor deck and a intimate chef's dining room with panoramic windows, a coppery reflective ceiling and possibly a special menu to boot. To the left from the main entry is a banquet hall for all your event needs.

Downstairs is the owner Tom's pride and joy, the Twisted Cue. Complete with a stunning lodge-like stone fireplace the tables are ripe for the playing and the bar down there will keep folks sauced up and having a good time. Tom promises to bring pool tournaments there and my wish to him is to hold pool instruction for newbies like my wife and myself who might at first be a little intimidated by the sport.

So things are looking pretty good and Tom is confident of their April 1st opening date. Good luck to them and keep this place on your radar because it looks to have lots to offer to anyone. I even overheard talk of a delicious sounding breakfast menu...

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