Prepping for the Storm

Reports are showing that plenty of wind and rain are poised to buffet the coast tonight. Though I'm excited to experience my first winter storm here I'm also making sure I'm as prepped as I can be. This morning I ran into town to top up my propane tank to use my new heater in case we lose power. I also buttoned up a couple things around the outside of the house to help things out a bit.

As of right now winds are steady at about 20 MPH with gusts only in the 30 MPH range. Reports predict gusts of up to 60-80 MPH so it could get interesting out here. There hasn't really been any rain here to speak of but I imagine that could change. Check out if you want to follow things in the daylight or to see the current winds in this area.

I'll keep sending updates as long as I'm awake and still have power.

Update (4:24pm)

The shrouded, setting Sun makes a brief appearance on the webcam:

Update (4:55pm)

Just added tide info to mainly so I could see the correlation between peak tides and peak winds. High tide + high winds = :(

Update (5:19pm)

It's nearly dark here now. I just stepped outside and a mist has started to fall. Well, it's nearly moving sideways so I guess I wouldn't quite call the falling exactly. ;) Looks like Portland is getting the brunt of the moisture but I don't see anything coming [yet] for Tokeland.

The wind is steady but not feeling much stronger. It's definitely making some noise as it whistles over the one powerline across the street.

Update (7:23pm)

Just headed across the street onto the sea wall to record the following video update:

Update (7:30pm)

And there's the rain!

Update (8:38pm)

Going to cook some dinner now so I don't chance losing electricity and being S.O.L. with regards to my cooking devices. It's a little breezy for a fire out back. ;) How breezy? 30 MPH sustained winds currently with more gusts pushing 40 MPH. Once I've eaten I'll head back out to the sea wall to record another video update. Cheers!

Update (10:32pm)

Wow, the numbers don't say it's blowing much harder but it sure is. Tide is high too so the minute I stepped to the top of the sea wall I got a face full of sea splash. Gusts look to be nearly consistently 40 MPH now. Here's my video update and I snagged a few pics (best I could given the conditions) of the surf. As I say in the video, keep in mind this is not open ocean so these waves are wind-driven.

Update (11:59pm)

Getting a little sleepy the storm is stronger with sustained winds about 35 MPH and gusts up to 45 MPH. The barometric pressure keeps dropping which means it'll only get windier. Think I'll stay inside the rest of the night and see what happens from here.

Day 2 Updates →

The waters across the street from my cabin were roiling at high tide this morning

I've not seen quite this much water pushed into the shoalwater area before

View of the shoalwater area looking toward Hwy 105 and North Cove

The view from North Cove looking south along the shoalwater beach

I took to decorating a bit before my first storm with items I found in the shed

The sea wall this afternoon across the street from my cabin

First, some delicious dinner

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