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Cascade Bike Brews Cruise to Kenwood

Jun. 8, 2014
Connie and I set out on a lovely day for a group ride today from the waterfront in Seattle up to the tip of Lake Washington and back. The...

Dead Baby Bike Race 2013

Aug. 2, 2013
This year we started just up from Columbia City on Beacon Hill. So, to get ourselves started, Connie and I met a couple friends for drinks and food at...

Biking to Wineries (and a Distillery) on Whidbey Island

Jul. 21, 2013
Today's trek on Whidbey mostly revolved around wine tasting. Connie and I headed into Langley to get sandwiches from the grocery store deli then headed out on our bikes....

Bike To Ballard

Jun. 1, 2013
Getting out of the house and on my bike for my first ride of any kind in about 3 weeks felt mighty good. Connie and I ride over Seattle's...

Dead Baby Bike Race 2012

Aug. 3, 2012
There's nothing like riding through downtown Seattle, blowing every red light, with 1,300 or so fellow bikes. It started with an overflow of bodies and gear at a pub...

Tokeland to Westport By Bike

Jul. 6, 2012
Our goal: visit the new Westport Brewing. Our challenge: ride from Tokeland to Westport and back. Which we did. From Tokeland we headed out along Hwy 105 but spent...

Long Beach, Cape Disappointment Bike Ride

Jul. 4, 2012
This morning started out with a drive to my folks' new place in Long Beach. We helped them move their final truck of stuff in so their retirement can...

Sunny Lake Washington Bike Ride

May. 12, 2012
After our usual weekend breakfast at Geraldine's and a stop at the Orcas School plant sale Connie and I headed out for a ride. Our route took us through...

Sunny Winter Bike Ride to Gig Harbor

Feb. 4, 2012
Knowing the weather was going to be a February stunner today Connie, Dorene and I decided it best to make the most of it. We started off with a...

Sunny Day Bike Ride With Friends

Jun. 4, 2011
With camera slung over shoulder, I met up with Joe, Anna, and Dawn this morning for a bike ride around Tacoma on this first truly summery day of the...
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New [two] wheels

Jul. 20, 2002
We arose from bed at a good time for the weekend -- not too early but not too late. After about noon we were ready to begin our day....

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